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Getting Your Monies Worth Out Of A Buy Here Pay Here Truck

As we have traveled to various car dealers looking for some autos that can give us 200 thousand miles to 300 thousand miles we had to decide on whether to look for foreign cars or domestic trucks. We finally may settle on going with a Chevy truck or perhaps a Ford Bronco.

This does not bother me one bit because I enjoy finding a vehicle that can have many miles and still keep on ticking. The trucks are not very fuel efficient but when it comes to repair and getting your monies worth out of an automobile, the trucks is in its own class. When you settle on buying a pick-up you may find that many of your friends will think of you when it is time to move. This may be somewhat of a headache and possibly a benefit in terms of making some extra money.

Should You Negotiate Or Put Down More Money On A Vehicle

us_bank_lgThere are plenty of signs on dealerships that say come on in we will make a deal happen. We also see some signs that say everyone is approved, however does that mean that you can get a vehicle no matter what the condition is? No, it most cases they will approve you but they will ask for a large down payment or some form of good credit if you cannot come up with 25% up front.


Yeah, it sounds like a lot of money that is because it is. The more you put down the smaller your payment will become but you can also ask if the dealer is willing to drop the price if you are willing to drop x amount of dollars on a New Hampshire car dealership today. This is part of the negotiation process that takes a special breed of person to work the numbers and call their bluff.


Negotiation can also be a silent treatment. You can ask for certain features or discount without even mentioning the sales price coming down. They will just offer it to you. Because they know that the Blue book price can always stand stronger when it comes to the consumer protection agency watching over them to insure they are treating all the customers fairly.

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