Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in NC

Car lots in North Carolina that offer big discounts

When you want to battle with the used car salesmen that are normally banging it out day to day, you must have some thick skin in order to win. These guys are normally from a different breed, and can easily show their colors by simply asking you how much money you have in your bank.


While others may think this information is private, and to be frank, it is. However, they normally do not care, and will seek that confidential information without hesitation at the dealers. The main goal is to wash every penny out of your account possible, but your goal is to do just the opposite.

The good thing about dealing money hungry salesmen is to find out where their weakness is. Typically their weakness involves them reducing the price of the over-priced vehicle by waving a check or some money in front of their faces like a piece of meat. I know this is pretty cruel but call a duck a duck when you see one.


3STEP5blueSimilar to how they called you out when asking about how much money you have in your account. This move basically empowers you to get the best discount that money can buy and allows them to know that they are not dealing with a rookie that can be easily pushed over.


What To Expect At A Used North Carolina Car Dealer

You may never know if the dealer thinks you are serious about buying a car or whether or not you may want to look at some other cars or dealers before deciding on a vehicle. One thing is certain is the fact that you went out of your way to drive or walk down to the car lot prior to the dealership and committed your time to be harassed by aggressive car salesmen.


The only thing the dealership needs to do is to satisfy your desires with a certain car that you may have interest in and then give you the lending option that can allow you to drive the vehicle home. This is a huge obstacle for some and will set you back if your credit score is a 550 or lower. However at some NC dealerships you can just show proof of income and also provide the documents showing that you have been on the job for at least 24 months will satisfy most in-house lending companies.

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There are still some vehicles with as little as $200 down that will allow you to get into a car as long as you can prove your residency and the willingness to pay your obligation on-time every month when you get a buy here pay here vehicle. There are some consequences if you miss your payment like most obligations so please be aware of what you are up against before you commit.

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