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Knowing Your Competition In The Car Industry

Making the best out of every business is the direction you want to take even if your gadgets or widgets aren’t the most highly marketable in your current environment. As people get to know you and your business you will have a better chance of gaining some market share just because of your name, location and how much integrity you have to supply the public with a quality product.

This helps takes most dealers from being a low grade dealer to a high grade dealer because of the consistency in what you deliver to each customer every single day. Some customer would appreciate some variety however it is important to be genuine and different from others that can separate your brand and who you are making you more competitive in certain areas of business.

The other thing we found when visiting a dealership is that some dealers have certain policies on test driving a car at a buy here pay here in Cincinnati Ohio. Some you must have the car salesmen in the car and the others just ask for you to leave a copy of your identification before taking the car off their lots. It really feels good to drive the car by yourself however when you want to ask questions there is nobody there to answer what you want to know so bring a note pad.

Last month we took the time to actually drive down to Ohio because we saw a very good deal on-line that was $2000 cheaper than what the local paper had in the Ohio Review Journal. The price was so good I had to ask exactly what was wrong with the car. The owner replied that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle but just high mileage.

Is It Worth Buying A Vehicle With High Mileage

After he told me the mileage of the vehicle I was fine with the numbers and wanted to pursue the vehicle and if he is willing to hold the vehicle for 1 day until we got there. Once I arrived at the Ohio Dealerships I was happy to see the car was still there and was even happier that the dealer was willing to work with us on price.

He also mention that because the vehicle had so many miles that most banks will not finance this car and you will need to put down a large amount of cash in order for him to finance or you can maybe just pay cash for the car. I understood everything prior to going there and we easily place 50% down and made him give us a personal warranty on the vehicle if something was to go wrong with the car in regards to repairs.

The Way To Win At A Dealership

There is only one way to win at a dealership. We think we have the solution for you however than means that we lose and you go forward. We do not mind helping the average person get ahead, however make sure you come back when you need another car or have a friend or relative that may need to purchase a new or used car.

Santander%20logoYou may not think that we still are able to make a profit after helping you but we do. Sometimes we make only a small margin but at times we break even just to move the cars off the lot to be replaced with newer vehicles. The more vehicles buyers see in rotation the more likely our customers in the community is going to notice and will always browse at our inventory to actually come by and pay us a visit at our local dealership.

Our job is to be as nice as possible because the car and the inventory will sell itself. We just need to present it that way. Speak in sort of a 3rd person when talking about the vehicle. Sound as if the vehicle has a mind of its own and respect it has if it is our best friend. People love this and think we actually treat the vehicle the way we treat the customer. When this happens they feel more comfortable about the vehicle and the car salesmen they are buying the vehicle from.


Investing Time And Money Into A Car Dealership

After being in business for 1 decade offering the buy here pay here program we have learned that you always want to satisfy the customer for years to come versus just at the time of purchase. The more you focus on long-term satisfaction the better off you will be as a car seller. Most businesses want to make a quick buck and then move on to the next client however we have learned that this can leave many customers upset and place you in court if you feel that you can get away with it each time.

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You may have got some money by not servicing the customer properly however soon you will have to give that money back in refunds or court costs. This is why it is so important to run your business in the most honest way possible so that way you will not have to spend hours and days trying to fix problems instead selling your products and vehicles at your dealer that you have invested so much time and money into.

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