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The vehicles that are purchased at the car lots will then be moved to the drive way or car lot of your preference. This is typically how most used car dealers get their inventory to sell to the general public. With some of these vehicles you may have to alter or do some repairs because they do not come ready for selling to most consumers. I tend to ask for a car report from several different on-line services that will basically tell you whether or not the vehicle has been in an accident, flood, or any kind of major mishaps.


The next time you find a vehicle at some of the Pennsylvania dealers try to find out where the vehicle came from and to a good background check to see if it is a stolen vehicle as well.

PA has awesome cars at a low price

Looking in the basic classified section for new or used cars is like a nightmare. There are so many deals that sound good but there is no way of telling if the car is good or if the dealer is just saying this or that to get you into their lots. So, I had to take a risk and my mom drove me down to take a look.Taking a look was not very true. I should have left my money at home, because it appeared that the car salesmen can smell the $500 in my pocket from the moment I stepped on the lot. What I did not know is that my mom also brought $500 with her plus a check book. Thanks mom.


But luckily we had great salesmen that were not very pushy at this buy here car lot. The good thing that he explained to us was that if you get home and decide within 48 hours that you do not want the car, we can feel free to bring it back and we can trade them for a different car on the lot at equal or less price.


We both felt relieved, and said this makes us happy, so we went with a car that was my favorite color, red. After getting home we noticed that the trunk of the car had two extra spare tires, and the CD player was a 5 disk changer. This was an extra bonus that we missed somewhere that made me want to keep the vehicle.


How To Stay Competitive In The Car Industry

creditrepair20After so many years of being in the car biz, we know that some thoughts on the used car lots get viewed treated like a one-legged stepchild. While this may never change, dealers are okay with this as long as the checks keep rolling in. The thing about working at the new car dealers than many has all too often has mentioned is the case that the checks come in but they are small. It pays to work for a small company that is not obligated to have to fork over thousands in commissions to shareholders and large management offices not to mention overhead at the Pennsylvania car lots. This can make you wonder if there needs to be some structural changes but some may argue the other direction.


We do like this type of competitive edge that we have to attract the best salesmen in the business and we like that other dealers want to be sure to take care of their assets because there will always be some head hunters willing to compensate those that are the best in the business. We just want to be rated number 1 and also have the areas best employees with the largest salaries that will ripple through the area and city among our competitors.

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