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For all of the buyers and sellers that are pushing and pulling each other through the negotiation process you will be surprised to find who wins. This is based off if this is a buyers market or sellers market. The market dictates the winner and your rarely have a say throughout the process of purchasing a home in today’s housing market.

Saving Up For A Used Vehicle

Living with my family now has allowed us to save up for a newer vehicle. The more you save money the better opportunity you have in the car market to purchase a nice vehicle. We saw several new and used cars. We decided to test drive a Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Lexus, and a Jeep. These vehicles gave us some better experience than what we had before we went to the dealers.

After testing more than 10 vehicles we said that it is best that we come back another day after we review our notes. For the time being we will drive our 2 old motorcycles until we make up our mind. This will need a second opinion from our neighbor who actually works at an buy here pay here about 15 miles from our home.


Not all the cars at the dealership came ready with air-conditioning and a radio. This was very important to us and also having 75 thousand miles or less was also important as well. From what our budget was able to afford we did like the lowest price Ford Focus. It had four doors 62 thousand miles and also had leather seats.

This made us decide to fill out the loan application to make sure we can get approved before we commit to the final sales price.

Get Your Credit Fix Before You Apply For Car Loans

Last week we became lucky because at some of these pre-owned used car lots we found had several used vehicles that only had 60 thousand miles. I was able to come up with what they needed for the down payment.

Chevrolet-Camaro-Wallpaper-2The only problem was that my wife credit was only a 511. This stopped us from being able to purchase the vehicle. They wanted $2000 more for the down payment and we did not have this amount of money. We spent all morning trying to figure out if there was another dealership that was willing to work with us.

We rarely allow our bills to get out of hand. The only late payment is the cable bill because we rarely watch television. So now at this moment my wife is trying to figure out exactly happen to her credit score. We also need to make sure there is no serious identity theft or similar problems.

For now, we need to get a vehicle immediately so that way we can both get to and from work. The main thing with getting a used car at a dealership with bad credit is the disadvantage you have with them knowing your terrible credit score. They are in control and the power is on their side not yours.

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